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Back to the roots, and to the future ! - 90%

Fratt, August 14th, 2007

This is the third live album from the kings of metal and, as the name suggests, it was recorded during the tour following their latest album. The sound itself is very good: Eric's voice is no longer drowned by the music and the crowd is clearly noticeable.

There are two discs in this album. The first disc features some classic songs (Manowar, Kings of metal) and a lot of early songs (Secret of steel, Holy war) while the second disc features songs from the Gods of war album.

The first disc is, in my opinion, the best of the two, because the early songs are really improved in their live version. You'll get an in your face and catchy song with Gloves of metal, a slow and powerful one with Each dawn I die (the bass is excellent), a magnificent and powerful one with Mountains, a fast and furious one with The oath ... Not to mention the classic Secret of steel, a superb epic song that will stick in your head for weeks. As you can see, it's a very complete selection of songs, an excellent overview of Manowar's past. However the bass solo, Son of William's tale, is very poor compared to his fellow in hell on Wheels (Black arrows) : The melodies are uninteresting and not very varied.

There are also some more recent tracks in the CD. Call to arms and Die for metal are not excellent on this live, but Warriors of the world is very good, full of power and energy. The crowd is very active too.

Then comes the second disc. The songs are not bad, but the real problem is that you already know them! The songs don't change much when you compare them to their studio version, and there's not a lot of crowd participation.

Also, I found disappointing that we don't hear communication between the band and the enthusiastic crowd, like in Warriors of the world in Hell on wheels.

So here's my final verdict: Gods of war live is a superb album because it includes a lot of excellent early Manowar songs in the first disc, while the second disc is correct, but a little bit boring if you own the studio album.