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Odin's proud. - 90%

m0rbuz, March 2nd, 2007

A new Manowar album finally! Five years after "Warrior of the World" the Kings
of Metal return for the most epic effort.

"Gods Of War", dedicated to Odin, has lots of orquestral and spoken tracks that
help to build all the epic atmosphere in this album. The "real" songs are great
and some are among the best ever written by Manowar. Expect great battle themed lyrics.

I already knew "King of Kings", "Sons of Odin" and "Gods of War" from previous
releases. Here, these tracks sound better. "King of Kings" is a typical fast song featuring the Manowar riffing we all know and a excellent way to start the album.
"Sons of Odin" and "Gods of War" are heavy mid-paced tracks that blow me away everytime I listen. This last one is my favourite of the album. Fucking amazing and glourious track! Great lyrics, great solo, great feeling!

We have two songs with more rocking feeling such as "Loki God of Fire" which has a very catchy riff in the chorus and "Die for Metal" that'll make the listener think of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, but still a good metal hymn nonetheless.

There are a couple of skip button worthy tracks here tough - Army of the Dead Part 1 and 2. The lyrics are good but the music is very boring.

I have to say that I felt a bit disappointed when I heard this album for the first time
because of the numerous orquestral and spoken parts but, after so many listens, I got used to them. I still think this album could have more heavy metal and speed. Let's just hope the next has more "rockers".

Odin's proud.