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Unbelievable - 3%

Krebain, June 10th, 2007

Congratulations, Manowar, you made the most pointless, gayest and stupidest album of all time. It's impossible for me to think of anyone even listening to the whole album...

This is complete shit. Actually, after this torture, I'll never speak "shit" again. I'll just say "Sons of Odin" and make more impact. Man, this album is fucking horrible! It's disgusting that a once classic heavy metal band, that used to represent all that Metal is, has now officialy hit the bottom of the bigest well mankind has never done. The attempt on being epic here is so pathetic that after 20 secs is not even funny, because that's when you realize that the only heavy metal feeling you'll get will be at the end of the album, when you want to bang your head against the wall and forget the last painfull hour.

This is BORING. BORING AS HELL could never be. Therion, you are nothing compared to this. Give up. Manowar's "Son of Odin" made Therion looks like Accept. This is bad.

The first track (overture etc) is an intro. Do you know that kind of album intro that's so pointless that you always skip it to the next song? Well, this surely happens here, but unfortunenly it's not only in the intro. Actually, "Overture to the Hymn of the Immortal Warriors" (GREAT name by the way) is an introduction to "The Ascension", the introduction of "King of Kings".

And "King of Kings", my friends, is a perfect exhibition of pure heavy power metal that Manowar used to do with pride and now seem too tired to try. King of Kings is probably a top 10 Manowar song, it's a really amazing song. Even the slow cheesy emotional part somewhere in the middle works, because it explodes in some fast and furious riffage and soloing and screaming and BALLS. Tell me why and how a band can write a song like this in such a horrifying album... I'd give them 20 points just because of that song, but the rest of it made me so angry that I just can't do it.

I have nothing to say about the rest of the album, especially because I couldn't hear all of it. Maybe "Loki God of Fire" and "Sleipnir" worths some attencion, but it's nothing special either. At least there are guitars instead of ridiculous cheesy keyboards, speeches and AMAZING sound effects imittating fire, winds etc.

And let me get something clear now. I love Manowar. Battle Hymns, Hail to England, Fighting the World, Kings of Metal etc. These are great examples of pure heavy metal with power and BALLS. Of course there was some pointless cheesy songs here and there, but everybody liked it 'cause the essency was there. And somewhere between 2001 (beeing nice to them) and 2007 they've lost it. I could close my eyes and believe that "Sons of Odin" was just a bad idea, but no. I'm really sorry to say it, but for me Manowar is officialy dead and buried and burnt and shooted in the middle of the legs. Twice. I guess Joe DeMaio thought that the reason we all used to love Manowar were the "true" epics speeches and the unnecessary songs as "The Warriors Prayer" instead of the pounding riffs and amazing songwriting.

Make a favour for you and Metal- don't buy this. It's uninspired at all senses, pure utter shit. I'm sorry about the vocabulary, but this is probably the WORST attempt by a major metal band ever, along with Risk and St Anger. But at least Metallica and Megadeth admited what they were doing at the time, whilst Manowar will keep the TRU speeche and etc. Shame on you.