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Outstanding - 100%

Fitz, June 15th, 2007

Personally, I can't understand why so many people hate this album and complain that there's not enough 'true metal songs' on it. Imagine that Manowar had realesed typical metal album instead of 'Gods of War' - with standard heavy metal songs, two or three ballads etc. I bet that there would have been complaints that they are doing the same over and over again. The conclusion is: you can't please everyone and, secondly, people enjoy complaining.

Now I think I should write something about the album itself. 'Gods of War' is a concept album based on Norse mythology. It focuses on Odin - nordic god of war (surprise, surprise). To build proper atmosphere Manowar included spoken introductions, overtures and other similar things. They occupy a large part of the album and are a main cause of complaints. However, I think they are necessary to link the other songs together and keep the story in one piece. Some of them are also quite interesting. To be honest, I can't imagine listening to the title track without might introduction 'Glory Majesty Unity' - it just wouldn't be the same.

And now a word or two about more traditional tracks. They are all excellent. 'King of Kings', 'Sleipnir' and 'Loki God of Fire' are fast and powerful heavy metal songs with mighty sing-along choruses. There are also slower but massive songs, which crush everything around - especially worth mentioning is the title track. And, last but not least, there is a ballad - 'Blood Brothers'. It's a traditional Manowar ballad, maybe not as powerful as 'Swords in the Wind' but still very enjoyable. Ah, there is also 'bonus track' - an if-you-don't-like-metal-we-will-kill-you song called 'Die for Metal', which includes some funny lyrics ('...and the guy beside me gave me a beer').

Here I should write how great the album is and recommend it to everyone, right? Wrong. I mean, it is great but I think it's just not for everyone. If you want fast and simple metal album to bang your head to, stay away from this one. If you consider Blind Guardian's 'Nightfall in Middle Earth' boring and full of useless interludes then 'Gods of War' will kill you. Literally. But if you are an open-minded person who enjoys epic stories, you should give it a chance and you won't regret it.

Concerning rating: I've planned to rate it a bit lower, but I really can't find any serious flaws (here most of you would probably think about these spoken tracks, but I think it would be stupid to replace them with some mediocre metal songs).