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Wow! I Didn't Expect This! - 60%

elfo19, August 2nd, 2008

I've liked Manowar since I first got Into Glory Ride, and now after hearing several of their other albums, I consider myself a fan of the band. Well, I didn't have this one yet, so $6.99 seemed like an excellent price for anything with the name Manowar on it. I didn't question myself because I came to expect good material from Manowar, considering I hadn't gotten an album I didn't really like yet.

Well, this album was dissapointing. Not that it is bad, it's just...well...not, Manowar good. First of all it's far too short. 34 minutes, with 2 of those minutes not actually music, just thunder, and horses hooves and that usual shit we expect from Manowar. Now, that stuff is all good and fun, but I expect some music too. So, we take out that stuff and we have about 32 minutes of music. Ok, 32 minutes of Manowar should be good none the less. It's not.

The album sounds like normal Manowar music (i'm assuming you already know what they sound like or have some good idea) but it's not as good. First of all, the epic sense is gone, going back to the simple kind of stuff on Battle Hymns. Now Battle Hymns is a great album, but this is not. The difference is the songwriting. Most of the songs on this album are just...mehhh. Not terrible but they make me want to shut off this album and pop in Triumph Of Steel or Into Glory Ride.

So let me rundown that 32 minutes of music. Blow Your Speakers is most definetely the worst Manowar song I've ever heard. It's still not terrible but it's not good. So let's that 4 minutes from the total time. 28 Minutes. That's the only terrible song, the rest range from mediocre to good. Yes, there are actually some very good songs on here.

Fighting The World is actually quite a catchy song and quite enjoyable. Yes it's a little less heavy than other Manowar songs but it still kicks ass none the less. Carry On is a weird ballad type song, but it's powerful, so it's like a ballad-like rocker or something. Anyway it's mainly weird because part of me hates it and the other part loves it. But I do love it more than I hate it so, it's a good song anyway. Violence and Bloodshed is an alright song but it begins with a minute of sirens and engine noises and that crap. We're down to 27 minutes of music.

Defender is somewhat of an epic, but not nearly as good as Battle Hymn or any other Manowar epic. It's an okay song but just mediocre going by the Manowar standard. Holy War is a nice little metal tune, but not really enough to save the album. Lastly is Black Wind, Fire And Steel, by far the best song on the album. This aong actually pulls off the epic sense that Manowar is known for.

So, not a terrible album but nothing to rush out and buy. Consider purchasing for 0-5 dollars because the album is short and mediocre and not worth any more. Still there are some nice tracks on this disc, they are just clumped in with terrible ones that seem to leave a longer lasting impression on the listener.