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Catchy and funny, but too commercial - 70%

_orc_, April 29th, 2007

The early albums of Manowar were the best ones in terms of quality, but that wasn't reflected on sales. Manowar was always in a "almost famous" state, a good heavy metal band indeed, but with few fans. So they adopted some Judas Priest and Kiss elements, bands that sold many records at that time (and they still do) The result was "Fighting the World", an album that represent the end of the 'old age' of Manowar, and the opening of a new one, a bridge between "Sign of the Hammer" and "Kings of Metal".

"Fighting the World" kicks off the album. It's the perfect single, very catchy. It could be a perfect Kiss song, or a song of Judas Priest's "British Steel". The same happens with "Blow Your Speakers". Yes, "FtW" and "BYS" are good tracks, but they lack of that 'Manowar feeling' that made them great. "Carry On" is the first 'Manowar' song here. It's something like a ballad, those kinds of ballads that Manowar often does, like "Heart of Steel". It starts with acoustic guitars, and then it goes with a metallic rhythm. "Violence and Bloodshed" is a good heavy metal song, fast and enjoyable, but just average, especially for Manowar. "Defender" is an attempt of "Dark Avanger", even with Orson Welles' voice, but it's far from that outstanding track.

"Drums of Doom" is an short interlude to "Holy War", the first track that can be considered as a 'Manowar' track, with no doubts. "Master of Revenge" is another interlude that opens the best song of this album: "Black Wind, Fire and Steel", a kickassing power metal song that's also a classic, too. Hearing this track worths the owning of the album, indeed.

"Fighting the World" isn't the best Manowar album, and I dont' reccomend you to buy it if you don't like this band. But it's still a good heavy metal piece, although there's few Manowar elements on this record. The buying of this album it's up to you.