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Can you not release an ENTIRE good album?? - 59%

UltraBoris, August 24th, 2002

This album, like most every Manowar release, has its really great songs, and then its complete misfires. They're really easy to categorise too, for the most part - we end up with a few songs that make sense, and a few that absolutely don't.

"Fighting the World" - a very good song. Catchy, with some nice riffs. You really can't expect more out of a midpaced heavy metal song. Nice solo too. "Blow Your Speakers" is a bit weaker, in that the riff work isn't as well defined and the chorus totally sucks, but it's pretty decent. "Carry On" is also pretty damn good. These first three are pretty solid, although not exactly the next coming of Priest in the East. But still, nothing to demand skipping.

"Violence and Bloodshed" - fuck yeah!!! Total speed metal here. THIS is the type of song that the so-called "kings of metal" should be playing: aggressive and melodic at the same time, with great vocals by Eric Adams and great guitar work too. Then, the album just crashes and burns. "Defender" sucks - it's got the spoken part, and the rest of the song doesn't go anywhere, just kinda sits there, repeating the chorus a few times. You always expect the guitars to suddenly burst out and envelope you in flames of speed metal, but ya know, that just doesn't happen here. In fact, we then have more wankery on "Drums of Doom". Hello, where are the SONGS??

Okay, we then have "Holy War" - it's pretty average, but at least it's got some solid riffs in here. A bit cheesy, but a decent song. Then, we get to "Masturbation of Revenge" - it's like most of the second half of this album has been completely wasted by stupid screwing around.

Finally, "Black Wind Fire and Steel". Finally!!! Nice songwriting. Again, they should just concentrate on THIS, as opposed to trying to build all this atmospheric crap and prove their tr00ness or whatnot. Just play some fucking heavy metal already!!