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Quite rock n' rollish, not bad. - 72%

Nightcrawler, June 25th, 2003

While not a bad album in it's own right, Fighting the World is one of the weakest Manowar efforts, and does seem rather pale when compared to the first four albums.
This album in many ways takes a more rock n' roll-ish direction. The production is much cleaner, lower and lighter, the songs are very accessible and are constructed rather simply, and the drumbeats are pretty standard and not very interesting.
Though it does take a turning point through about half of the album, and gets back to more epic, speed metal oriented material.
As I already stated, Fighting the World is one of Manowar's weakest releases (the second weakest in fact. The very weakest then being Louder Than Hell), but it is pretty decent, and contains some really catchy riffwork and singalong choruses. The title track and Blow Your Speakers are excellent examples of this, and do a pretty good job opening up the album, although the weak production and lack of real punch to take alot away from them.
The next three are pretty average. Carry On is upbeat and incredibly catchy, yet also hideously cheesy, and probably the most accessible song found here. Violence and Bloodshed is the lowest point of the album, with boring single-note riffs like those found on Louder Than Hell, only with worse production and boring, forgettable vocal lines. Defender starts out fairly atmospheric, but then just plods along with the chorus being repeated a bunch of times, and it really never gets anywhere.
But for the last 2 songs, something happens. Holy War fuckin owns- Atmospheric, epic and absolutely devastating, this goes on at a fast pace with tastefully done single-note basslines underneath powerful vocals and atmospheric keyboard effects in the background, with nice riffwork kicking in for the chorus. And believe it or not, the final track is even better.
We kick into the first vers right from the start. Right away, Joey knocks you over with an insane bass assault. Underneath, Scott hammers the double bass in a galloping rhythm and Eric sings the fast and atmospheric vocal lines, before it all explodes in the chorus. BORN OF BLACK WIND, FIRE AND STEEL!
Complete and utter fucking ownage- and it gets better. The mental guitar solo takes us into the final vers, which is sung by a completely menacing Eric Adams in an unreal falsetto. This is one of Manowar's greatest songs ever, definitely.
Though between these two asskicking songs, we have some really stupid and pointless interludes, detracting from the overall flow and quality of the album. What the hell are they supposed to be?

So despite two total winners found on here, most of the material is rather average, and comes off as pretty weak compared to the rest of their catalogue. And that is not helped by a lacking production, and thus this ends up as one of the weakest Manowar albums this far. It's not bad, just pretty average.