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MTV Why Would You Reject The All-Mighty Manowar! - 55%

Flamos, October 16th, 2009

This is Manowar’s somewhat oddball album, released in-between “Sign of the Hammer” and “Kings of Metal,” both considered classics among fans. However, there’s a mystic aura surrounding this record. It smells like, money. Yes, money. A few tracks on this album seem to be made for a more rock friendly audience, however, this doesn’t spell complete disaster.

“Fighting the World” is a catchy, simple kind of song, not typical of the Manowar lore. This is the part of the album that seems to be a little to friendly, “Blow Your Speakers” is a cheesy romp through the adventures of Manowar getting played on the mainstream radio. Pretty useless track honestly. “Carry On” is sort of a ballad, also a pretty questionable tune. These three songs aren’t horrible, but you’ll be thinking in the back of your head “do I really like these?” Cheesy, badly written, a little too “poppy,” and just plain old average. Nothing special honestly. However, you will find some gems here, case in point “Violence and Bloodshed.” A fantastic song really, aggression and speed are both present, unlike the first three songs. “Defender” is a slow, chugging, boring song that really doesn’t get your blood pumping at all. Drums of Doom” is completely useless, but a quick little instrumental that leads into “Holy War,” a pretty decent offering, not bad, not good, just right down the middle. Another useless track “Master of Revenge” is also placed here. It offers nothing, it’s just Eric Adams screaming with random effects. This album does end on a superb note. “Black Wind, Fire, and Steel” is catchy as hell with aggression, which is something this album lacks. I must also note that Eric Adam’s performance on this song is the brightest gem on this album.

“Fighting the World” has good production, a really bad cover art, and some really good songs (two to be exact). Overall, this album is pretty weak. Spotty writing, weak “poppy” songs, too much negative to overcome the positives. Check out “Violence and Bloodshed“ and “Black Wind, Fire, and Steel.” The rest is either too boring or weak. The first three tracks are hard to judge, catchy, but crappy at the same time.