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Excellent debut for the "Kings" - 86%

Sinner, February 8th, 2003

The first Manowar album proves to be quite the debut for the self-acclaimed "Kings Of Metal" - not yet dealing as much with the over-the-top image as would happen in years to come and concentrating more on the song-writing and music itself.

Like said in another review - the album is basically split in half - although instead of taking the "first five" songs - i'd rather do a 4 - 4 - the first four being decent rock ' roll tunes (with "Metal Daze" and "Fast Taker" being the highlights - the first a catchy "heavy metal anthem" like the band would produce so many more of in the future (and probably a couple TOO many eventually), the second an excellent, speedy rocker).

The second half though is where it gets "really classic" - beginning with the anthem which would and will remain in the setlist forever - the band's namesake "Manowar", going into the excellent and atmospheric "Dark Avenger" (with a spoken interlude by Orson Welles) then the "song" which everyone usually tries to ignore (the obligatory bass solo) and finishing off with THE Manowar classic of all-time - the immortal and earth-shattering "Battle Hymn" - a true metal classic if there ever was one - and featuring one of Adam's most impressive vocal parts to date.

This album (and especially the second half) is what would define Manowar in years to come - sometimes epic, melodic, very powerfull metal - mainly carried by Eric Adams's vocals (to date being my favourite ever metal shouter) and Demaio's solid bass-work.

Definitely worth the money you pay - and a great introduction to a superb band.