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"Anthology" Presents Essential Tracks - 86%

vargvikernes2, April 29th, 2009

Manowar is a fantastic band, but with new material almost every year, it can be challenging for new fans to know what essential albums they need in order to join the conversation. Luckily, "Anthology" provides a comprehensive look at the band's first fifteen years.

Heavy metal to the core, Manowar is known as one of the most metal bands of all time. Their playing style also includes several important genres (traditional metal, as is heard on the opening self-titled track), speed metal (Metal Daze), and the ever-important genre of songs about metal (All Men Play On 10, Blow Your Speakers, Metal Daze) without sounding like a Spinal Tap/AC/DC/Twisted Sister rip-off.

Musically, the play a very solid metal with few distractions; maybe an acoustic interlude here or there, but other than that, nothing but nonstop savagery. Their lyrics are also a metal archetype; they deal with subjects ranging from metal itself to Norse mythology and even heroic battles.

On this album, the fourteen best songs from their first eight albums, with no filler or other bullshit. There is no such thing as a bad Manowar release, and this compilation removes all the excess and unnecessary songs, leaving nothing but their vital work. Who doesn't sweat through their shirt when they hear Blood Of The Kings?

All-in-all, if you can't afford Manowar's discography, Anthology will do the trick and let you in on one of metal's great bands.