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Whoo! Hell fuckin' yeah! - 95%

Xeper, May 7th, 2003

Man, these guys came outta nowhere! I stumbled across this album one day, and took a chance on it, and boy was I surprised! What we have here is stoner metal, since it's in my opinion too heavy to simply be stoner 'rock'. This sucker is overflowing with riffs which, surprisingly, don't sound overly Black Sabbath-derivative as a lot of other bands out there. Even Kyuss worship is barely there, another problem which plagues legions of stoner rock bands. The guitarist has an obvious arsenal of swingin'/bluesy/crunchy/crushing riffs, licks, and solos, and keeps the album going nicely with groovy crushers and propulsive driving numbers as well, while the rhythm section provides the solid bottom end necessary for pretty much any band of this genre. The singer, though, is one of this band's highlights for me. Joanitor sounds like the bastard child of Glenn Danzig and Lemmy (the former especially when he goes slightly higher). Needless to say, he fucking wails, and they couldn't have picked a better vocalist in my opinion. I see good things for this band, definitely check 'em out.