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Pioneering Stoner Metal. - 40%

Corimngul, December 22nd, 2004

So, this is what they call stoner metal. I had only heard Unida’s quite awful debut album in the same genre before. But Mannhai is much heavier and don’t sound like anything I’ve heard before. A lot of the riffs can be traced back to Black Sabbath, but it is not too obvious. The leads are as far as I’m able to judge, original. The drumming isn’t as monotonous as some stoner albums are. The bass is surprisingly good, until I see that Mr Laine have played in Amorphis before. Yeah, these quality bass rhythms actually remind me of Leif Edling’s (Candlemass). Sadly, the vocals suck. Joãnitor hasn’t got any range, any power or class. His voice cracks all the time, and with that hoarse half-growling, it makes him sound like a scorched boar in heat. He sure does his vocals inspired, with emotions, but he doesn’t sing.

The production is very raw, but I think it doesn’t affect the vocals that much. They are that bad for real. All in all this is an original work, a dynamic stoner album. As much as I’d hate to call this a bad album, I don’t like it. It's heavy, sometimes thrashy. It’s original, sometimes pioneering. Yet it doesn’t appeal to me. It’s too mediocre and in a genre I dislike. I’m sure a stoner fan will find this album great, but I won’t listen to it many times.