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Powerful and Haunting - 100%

smulleady1122, July 26th, 2007

It is hard to criticize this album, when you have always had it there for you. It's kind of hard to pick out bad things when you listen to an album as stunning
as this. The songs are simply amazing, the vocals are nasally, yet razor sharp, as always. The drumming is ruthless and progressive and daring. The guitar
tone is perfect for a power trio, and the solos are pure shred genius. But to people who have never heard Manilla Road before, it certainly is classic power metal with a nice rough thrashy edge to it. Powerfulness surrounds tracks like Up From The Crypt and Haunted Palace. Foxe adds in some amazing progressive drumming in random parts to push the force of the music even further, and Mark Shelton dares to solo without a overdubbed rhythm guitar just to prove he doesn't need it. The Proof that Mark is a guitar god lays in the beginning of the track "Children Of The Night", he makes his guitar shriek so high that it makes shivers down my spine. But true haunting surrounds tracks like Mystification and Spirits Of The Dead, with the lyrics being grim and morbid. Combine all that with the harsh vocals (Yet also fairly high much like somebody who is truly scared), then you got a powerful and haunting masterpiece

It is very hard to ever go wrong when listening to Manilla Road. Even in 1987, with 5 fantastic albums down the road, they were always ever so progressing
and ever so majestic in their journey in the underground US Epic metal scene.That is what makes this album, and basically every Manilla road album, so powerful. But what makes this specific album so haunting is the realization that nobody could stop them, not now, not this far into their career. Classic US metal bands such as Cirith Ungol and Solitude Aeturnus cower
in fear of the mighty machine of Mark Shelton and the powerhouse that is Manilla Road. I can not think of one american metal band that comes close to demolishing the mighty Manilla road. I stand by saying Manilla Road is the best American band ever. Personally, I think every Manilla Road album should get a perfect rating, that's how much I love them. You really should pick up this album, or really any other Manilla Road album (*cough*DELUGE*cough* My first Manilla Road album), and be dazzled by the unholy and epic machine that IS Manilla Road.

Best tracks: All of them.