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Classic - 94%

Znarglaxe, November 12th, 2003

There are a lost of good old heavy metal bands with a lot of good old heavy metal albums that are good old crap. People will say they like a band a lot and do so because of the age. Yet everytime they listen to it, they cringe a bit. They cringe at the utter crappiness of the band or album. Face it, some bands just ARENT good, regardless of how primitive the recording tactics were and whatnot, some bands just cannot be forgiven the shittiness of what they were/are. And most of these bands, while hailed as greatness, have a problem with the late 80s/transition albums. That little period of time where music began to change. They had a lot of trouble adjusting to new technology and whatnot, and therefore the album sounds even shittier than other albums did in the past. Manilla Road, though, captured it perfectly.

This album, while not necessarily perfection among music or even metal, is a great addition to any metal collection. Every bit of the essence of heavy metal is contained in this album. From the fast as hell heavy metal anthems, to the midpaced songs that we always hear people playing in their cars on their way to wherever, to the slow songs that you just listen to and zone out to. This album has all of these areas covered. The guitars are very NWOBHMish even though this band is from the USA, without the crappy low quality taint that most early NWOBHM bands were cursed with. They are of the perfect tone for what they do. The bass works in excellently with the guitars and drums, and the drums are what one expects from a group that puts out quality material. Even the vocals are wonderful. A good old heavy metal voice for good old heavy metal. All parts combine together almost flawlessly to create this masterpiece.

This Album is a MUST OWN for heavy metal fans.