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Oppressed by Incessant Overground Artillery - 76%

bayern, January 3rd, 2018

This band are such an obscure entity that they’re not even featured on Mene Tekel, the webpage which contains all Danish metal underground formations… And yet they’re a tangible phenomenon their bass player Nickolas even participating on a couple of early Furious Trauma demos.

On their one and only demo the guys have cooked a nice concoction of power and thrash on a not very exuberant quasi-progressive background recalling US heroes like Aftermath, Liege Lord, and mid-period Manilla Road. The only actual pullback would be the not very rehearsed, flat unemotional vocals that simply don’t fit the engaging musical canvas.

The demo starts with “Medieval Deeds”, an epic power/thrasher also recalling Nasty Savage’s debut with its raw uncultivated charm, with a sweeping speedy passage raising the tension in the second half. “Excetra” is impetuous speed/thrash matching nearly every track from Artillery’s “Terror Squad” although there isn’t any overt technical performance here; and “A Meeting with Request” is mostly epic power metal with boisterous rowdy guitars and another hair-raising fast-paced explosion which gets translated on “Termination of Distress”, a full-on speed metal attack racing with the Germanic front from the same time every bit of the way. “Victory in Death” has an alluring folk-ish intro before battle-like rhythms take over in their turn superseded by swirling vitriolic “skirmishes” this particular sequence epitomized later by acts like Sacred Steel and Hammerfall. “Behind the Walls” is another, also final, heroic slab of speed metal with more dramatic build-ups ala Liege Lord, plus a nice serene epitaph.

The sound quality is quite sloppy particularly hampering the already not outstanding vocalist as the hissing reverberation often merges with his dispassionate antics. Elsewhere it doesn’t detract to such an extent as there aren’t any screamy guitar pyrotechnics the approach levelled and steady once the dominant patterns have been established. The sense of adventure so characteristic of the early Danish metal fraternity can’t be felt really, but at the same time there weren’t too many practitioners from over there who had thought of smacking the American school of thought right in the middle of the Danish royal court…

Polishing of the overall approach was definitely coming this way… only if the band had lasted a bit longer; our heroes remained just an unrealised, non-manifest potential in the underground, bravely and vociferously announcing their lofty intentions, but never having the time to bring them to full fruition.