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psychodelic and genious in one - 100%

vorth, October 31st, 2004

This album is just incredible. It in itself hundreds of different things and influences. It reminds me three great, but so different bands: Burzum, Samael and Limbonic Art.

Why Burzum?

The music is based on ruckling guitar, which plays simple melodies in rather slow tempo. Here, its' role is only to be a basement for melodies, just to establish the rythm. The whole music creates a great, depressive atmosphere, even more sad than Burzum. The songs last for 5 to 7 minutes, so it is enough to present various melodies and arrangements.

Why Limbonic Art?

Because of the role of keyboards. It is them, which creates melodies. They're evrywhere and they may have different functions - either build up the atmopshere, make the riffs sound better or to make melodies. You can even find here a keyboard solo!

Why Samael?

Those piano stuff, intervals and so on, which remind me "Blood Ritual". Another thing responsible for the atmosphere and the climate.

But Manes is much more than those bands. Manes has created its own, psychodelic style, full of arrangements taken from other, not metal genres. Here you can find many industrial elements, strange sounds and so on. The vocals are growled, but in a strange way. The whole music is so complicated, so strange, so different from anything else...

The best thing in Manes is that the band used its' originality and uncommonness in creating great, fascinating music. There are many bands which show something interesting, but they cannot create good songs. Manes can. Many great riffs, keyboard melodies, industrial intervals - it all makes this music original, but also great.

So, Manes is much more than black metal. So what is it, then? I would describe it as psychodelic vanguard metal with industrial elements. Ah... just listen to it. I guarantee emotions.