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Manacle - Rehearsal Tape Demo - 80%

Claymore312, July 20th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2013, Cassette, Independent

Manacle is a very promising band coming out of Toronto. Their fast and punchy sound resembles that of Exciter when I listen to this tape. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Manacle in a live show, where they killed it! When I looked into the band further, I was a little disappointed that they do not have a full album out yet. However, just like the band itself, this tape is a very promising preview of what we may see in the future.

This tape contains two tracks, Live Fast, Die Fast and Run Away. Both of which are fast and hard-hitting right from the start. The line up on this tape consists of Inti on guitars and vocals, Amar on bass and Matt on drums, all of who do a fantastic performance. I have no complaints about the consistency of the music, however the vocals are not the greatest. The band has recently picked up vocalist Kevin Pereira last year, who did an awesome job when I saw them live. The bass a a very punchy sound that hits you right in the face at the beginning of Live Fast, Die Fast, and it fits the band perfectly. Drums on this recording are very well done and in my opinion are above the standard of a great metal drummer.

The mixing of the instruments is done fairly well considering this is an rehearsal tape done independently by the band themselves. My only gripe is the vocals are a little hard to hear at certain times during the tape. But again, considering this is an independent tape it's not terrible by any means.

In conclusion, Manacle shows a ton of potential and promise for when they are able to put out a a full-length album. For anyone looking for some great Canadian Speed/Heavy metal, I highly recommend you look into Manacle. Also go see the them live if you get the chance, the tickets I paid for are dirt cheap and were beyond worth it!