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"No Tolerance for Imperfection" - 100%

DMhead777, June 23rd, 2012

At first listen Man Must Die sounds like another gutteral, throaty, no talent metal band. People might disregard them and ignore to listen anything they put out. That isn't only stupid, but those people are missing out on one of the up and coming metal bands to come out of Relapse Records. Their album "The Human Condition" was easily one of my favorites for 2007 and they brought such brutality into their music, I was surprised I haven't heard of them sooner. It seems like each album Man Must Die puts out is just another stepping stone of amazing music. This album is no different. No Tolerance for Imperfection is exactly what the album title means. There is album is perfect.

Uh..where to even begin with an album like this? The opening track, "No Tolerance for Imperfection" starts off fast heavy and in your fucking face. The only thing you are allowed to do at this point is turn it up even louder. You hear a barrage of drums, vocals and guitars just screaming at your face. Due to the fact that each song after "No Tolerance for Imperfection" starts off with so much brutality and in your face metal, it easily makes it one of the most heavy albums in my collection. Those intros don't make this album good though. It shows that this band can have such a heavy ass intro to a song and at the same time show off their amazing musicianship at the same time. Each song has some sort of break down that doesn't get old and begs you craving for more. For example, the break down at 2:00 for "Kill It, Skin It, Wear It" is easily one of the heaviest parts of a song I have ever listened to. Then right after that break down, goes into a solo that just fits perfectly into the tune.

"It Comes in Threes" is another song just continues to blow me away each and every time I listen to it. The solo at 1:43 is just astounding and adds so much to the song. That's the beautiful part about this album. Each song gives you a reason to listen to it. Whether it is a hard and heavy breakdown like in "Kill It, Skin It, Wear It", a perfectly placed solo like at the 3:07 mark of "Hide the Knives", the epic and in your face intros like in..well..all of the songs, or the outstanding musicianship portrayed in the instrumental song "What I Can't Take Back". This album truly has it all.

Each tune stands out from one another for so many reasons. It literally gets never tiring to listen to and has been in regular circulation for a few years now. It's an album I can listen to over and over again and still get goosebumps at certain parts of the songs. Man Must Die is one of the few bands that actually gets better with each album they put together. With No Tolerance for Imperfection being their third album, I think we still have a lot more to see from these guys. A truly under rated band that deserves everything they are contributing to the metal genre.