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Nice debut - 82%

KayTeeBee, November 21st, 2004

Malvery's first demo is similar to their only full-length release, "Mortal Entrenchment in Requiem". It still contains the very desperate and sad emotions, and it's no surprise Amer LeChâtier committed suicide shortly after the first album.

The first song is just an intro to set the tone, and it's very desperate as usual, with threathening keyboard melodies and so on. Délectation Morose starts off with Amer taking out all his thoughts, and they're soon accompanied by a guitar riff and some brutal drums. The next 3 songs are still as hateful, accompanied by excellent riffs, agressive drums and growled vocals, and trust me, they're probably the harshest vocals you'll ever hear. It also contains a live song, D'Illusion En Suicide. The demo ends with the same threatening keyboards melodies as the intro - giving a very melancholic, sad, and desperate tone.

Very raw black metal - a keeper.