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Progressive delivery makes an interesting listen - 84%

BM_DM, June 18th, 2007

Listening to 'Facing the truth' from Malus' first full-length eponymous album again recently, I was struck by how interesting the song was structurally. The first couple of minutes sees the lyrics emphasised rhythmically and thematically, driving the piece along in a most unusual way.

In fact, when I say 'progressive', I really mean it -- Wargrath's delivery reminded me of Peter Hamill warbling away on a Van der Graaf Generator classic, and I mean that as a compliment of the highest order. Whether intentional or not, there is also a refreshing and unusual use of chromaticism on this album.

All the usual black metal vocals, rapidly stummed chord progressions and blast beats are in evidence too, so there's nothing for the orthodox black metal to be wary of here: an interesting release awaits the listener.