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Wooow!... - 52%

cinedracusio, December 28th, 2005

...Now this is a weak recording!
Nah, this demo is hard to believe to have the origin in the band called Malleus Maleficarum that released Taedium Vitae and De Hymnes... Reasons are coming, so do not raise your ass in wonder. The rhythm section is very, very limited. It goes like this: fast blasting with grinding cymbals, also put inside some more mid-paced drum parts, with several moments of more "tribal" (?!) beats and brief drum solo. Weak as fuck. The vocals were what I really enjoyed. Mastema had a sick necrotic gurgled rasp, excellent shit and fitting the agression in instruments. Excuse me, did I say agression in instruments? Yeah, the agression is there, but the riffs are usually cycling around similar structures and get boring, useless to say that they are NOT the most original shit I have ever heard. Glad you made a nice production, malefic boys. The content is filler.
All in all, a demo below the average line.