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Mind Warp Of Tech Death - 100%

optimuszgrime, March 5th, 2008

Ok, so if an octopus smoked crack, played the drums, and also had a bunch of aquatic friends like sharks to learn how to play guitar, what they would play would sound roughly like this. The drumming is so fucking crazy, Roger J. Beaujard is simply the fucking man, no ifs ands or butts. So this band from NY, Malignancy, what can I really say about them that has not been said already? They play tech-death with crazy grind core elements and ridiculous breakdowns. But they do not accept the formula, and they write in their own unique and utterly unmistakable way, and this album is no exception. In fact, I think this one is their best. Not only does it have all the hall marks of a great Malignancy album like intense crazy shredding, sicker than words drumming, pinch harmonics, odd time signature blasting and breakdowns, just pure insanity riffage and weird accentuation, but they also meld it all perfectly together to form a truly strong and digestible version of death/grind. Even though they are so weird and un-orthodox, it is still palatable.

So to take it apart, I like the sound best on this album because it is a little cramped and a little low sounding, which fits really well for what they do. It makes the music sound decaying and dying, which I think works perfectly for death metal. The guitars are kinda clean sounding, actually even with the intense fuzz distortion. The bass is kinda just rumbling and clattering in the background, while the drums are kinda quiet, but all the more intriguing because of their quietness. I always thought they had the perfect sound for Rogers drums, seeing as he is a fucking maniac, and if he is put too loud on an album, he will; devour the rest of the musicians, musically speaking. So they got him quieter then everyone else, but that is okay. It works, and does not lack power!

My favorite tracks are ‘Separated Anxiety’ and ‘Atmosphere of Decay’. The first for having virtually no blasting and still being some of the most technical, chaotic and brutal music ever. The main riff took me like 3 days to learn, but I managed and now I can play it, and do almost every day, once you get it this music just sucks you in. I guess this song is a good representation of Malignancy’s music, in that sense, once you understand it, there is no turning back.

The other song because I feel like it describes the recording perfectly, it has an atmosphere of decay and rot. Also, the intro blasting is so weird and catchy, you just got to love it. Of course there are no mediocre tracks on this album, or any of their albums, and this is just one more good example of why this band rules so much. In my opinion it is their best offering, but still it is a good example of the rest of their work as well.