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This Album Shreds!!!!! - 100%

the_MoRTiCiAN, September 10th, 2003

An Excellent guttural GROWLL by vocalist Danny Nelson, spot on guitar work from Ron Kachnic and excellent drumming from Mortician member Roger J. Beaujard is the highlight of this album. What makes this record so damn good is the sound. Malignancy has managed to put together the right amount of guitars, bass, drums and vocals to create a killer sound which if cranked can stop a heart. The song structure for most of the songs is relatively the same, but all songs manage to stay interesting and fresh throughout the album. Songs usually start off with growls and quick guitar riffs which have you thinking that Malignancy is a grind-core band, but then the tone switches as the guitars morph into a slower, heavy riff, which just sounds bone crushing. The drumming on this album is also quite good with Roger slowing things down (well, relative to the Mortician drum machines that is) and creating a sound which is more varied and less repetitive then many death metal bands today (with no real constant double bass work or monotonous snare drumming throughout the songs. Usually fast beats followed up by slower ones). The drumming interacts perfectly with the guitars and vocals and allows the listener to take in everything (usually if drums are too fast the songs sound too complicated and difficult to listen to).

It is difficult to pick out the best tracks on this album because they are all good. But for all intensive purposes some of my favorites are Rotten Seed, Profitable Extinction, Intestinal Sodomy and Oral Excrement.

Overall “Intrauterine Cannibalism” is a great, crushing album with many memorable heavy guitar riffs and deep brutal growls definitely worth a listen for all death metal fans (especially fans of the New York Style). \m/