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The Most Brutal Album Ever! - 100%

eatenbabysyndrome, January 6th, 2009

I’m serious. This is the most extreme death metal album I’ve ever heard. From super-brutal cover art to the acoustic outro this thing kicks like a bagged fetus-a fresh one.

The songwriting is very chaotic, but totally coherent; going from fast tech death/grind riffs to slow slam riffs in the space of a few seconds, while still sounding like a song. Each riff is played rarely more than four times and almost never repeated and these riffs are the most insane riffs ever. The drumming is insane with crazy fills and shit. There is about 1 pinch harmonic a second (1ph/s), even in the slam riffs. I know a lot of people don’t like the new Malignancy sound with the pinch harmonics but I think they’re the greatest thing since distortion, but if you don’t like pinch harmonics you’re not going to like this album.

I find the new sound to be a huge improvement over the previous albums, (even the Cross Species Mutation EP which is fairly similar stylistically) and I love the old sound. And I think this is due in part to the new drummer, Mike Heller. Their old drummer would have these little rolls or whatever hanging off some of the riffs that didn’t fit giving the music a sloppy feel that it didn’t actually have (see the beginning of “Oral Excrement” on Intrauterine Cannibalism). Plus the production is some of the best I’ve ever heard: guitars, drums and vocals are perfect, plus the bass is audible, but fits with the music and doesn’t sound bad.

All in all this is one of the most brutal, entertaining and inventive death metal album since Effigy of the Forgotten. Get it now!

Avoiding The Curse Of Modern Brutal Death Metal - 100%

optimuszgrime, April 29th, 2008

And yes they have done it again! The best modern day ‘slamming’ brutal death metal outfit has struck again, and they found a guy who can play drums exactly like Roger! I am not sure if he was already on the ‘Cross-Species Transmutation’ EP, but he might have been, he does all of the things that made me love Roger’s drumming, and that made Malignancy unique amongst the swivel that has sadly become the American death metal scene.

So the drumming is just as tight, just as hectic, just as chaotic as if Roger were playing, but with less emphasis on rolls, and more emphasis on cymbals, something I personally do not mind at all, it sounds very organic and thoroughly rehearsed, which is all important when playing music of this mind melting technicality. The guitars are clearer than on previous offerings, and the riffs are absolutely killer. It is as if they had continued right where they left off, except, as always, they cranked it a little bit up and made it even weirder and less accessible. The only thing to not change is the vocals, they stayed exactly the same. The strings still bring the incomprehensible down on your shoulders, the drummer is still insane and able to keep up skin tight with the guitars, and the voice is the same demented gurgle sometimes mauled with that wretched screaming that only these guys pull. It is good to hear that their recording sound is still very organic and warm, but not returning to old school, and not becoming dry and sterile like other bands of similar technicality. That is the biggest problem with death metal today, the sterility. With music that sings about rot, despair and disease, kinda funny isn’t it? So they evaded the curse of modern day death metal very well. The production is different form their previous EP, and sounds more like ‘Motivated By Hunger’, but it is still a direction that is not a repeat. It sounds more like the album, but not totally. What it sounds like is the new step in Malignancy’s mishap evolution. And it is good.

So same guitars, same drumming (miraculously!!!!), better and more organic recording sound, same exact vocals. only a bit tighter if at all imaginable. I think this blows the EP out of the water, and I love that EP. They even managed to put a 15 second classical guitar intro, which cleverly reappears in the last track as a longer thing all on its own, and it sounds good, there is a solo on it, its pretty cool. I always enjoy shit like this, like on the new Odious Mortem or the new Element, where they give you what you really want, tech death slaughter, and then ease it up a bit at the end, so your brain returns to normal function. It is like that spliff you smoke at the beginning and end of your acid trips, to bring you back. This is like a trip of brutal fucking hypertension, and you don’t have time to finish your first one it hits so massive, but then at the end, to bring you down and relax you a bit, it is there, and your ears hunger for it.

One helluva band, one helluva recording. Buy or die!

Malignancy doing what they do best - 80%

MrVJ, September 20th, 2007

"Malignancy has had their hand in the proverbial brutal death metal cookie jar in New York for quite some time, and after hearing their 2003 “Cross Species Transmutation” EP I fell in love. It was some of the most bizarre death metal I've ever heard. Very odd time signatures, thousands of pinch-harmonics placed in odd settings, and very innovative and technical drumming, nice guttural vocals with some talented high screams, and look at those song titles, they are awesome. Now after that EP, I'm sitting here with their latest full-length, “Inhuman Grotesqueries”, and that's an awesome title when you realize what you're getting.

I'd like to pay special attention to the riffs, because they are what make this album. Ron Kachnic (Dirty Brown Eye, Mortician (live)) really blew me away. He's almost making this band out to be Odious Mortem's cousin, especially since both of those bands are on complete opposite sides of the nation. Very technical guitar work with insane pinch-harmonics still placed throughout the album. There's also the slow but grinding riff here and there, which starts to slowly speed up into a full onslaught of brutality, definitely out to keep my interest. However, I can see this kind of stuff to be too “spastic” for some listeners out there, but I've got ADD, so this is right up my alley!

Danny Nelson seems to be the only original member of Malignancy, busting out his low growls when needed, even changing up the timing quite a bit. He's also very good at making sure you have no idea what in the hell he's saying, so that's another plus in my book, for you know this is pure death metal. Mike Heller (Kalopsia) is a very competent death metal drummer, giving out blastbeats like candy on Halloween and some impressive foot-work, keeping it controlled and unleashing his true potential when needed. He also really makes sure to know that there's some groove thrown in there for good measure. Lance Snyder's bass skill almost ranks up there with Ron's, nearly keeping up with his spastic riffs and odd time signatures, making sure that he is in this fight just as much as the other members are.

Songs like “Indigenous Pathogen”, “Neglected Rejection”, “Skeletal Integrity”, “Protagonist Complacence” and “Embryological Teratomas” really brings out what Malignancy has set out to create; intense, brutal and just outright fucking bizarre death metal. I haven't been this entertained by a death metal release since Katalepsy's debut album. “Inhuman Grotesqueries” is definitely a must-buy for any diehard brutal death metal fan, and be sure to look out for more releases from Malignancy."

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