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Insane Technical Supremacy - 86%

Spawnhorde, January 31st, 2005

This is a great sampler EP. Everything is perfectly done, expertly mixed, all of the instruments are in the right places, and everything is very tight. Every band member plays to his ability, and it shows through brilliantly in practically every song. The vocals in particular are bestial, Lord Worm-esque growls, screams, and bellows which fit perfectly with the over-technical (not in a bad way) and schizophrenic playing style. I find old Malignancy works to not even be in this caliber due to the production that prohibited a lot of older Malignancy EPs and even Intrauterine Cannibalism from being excellent. This however is crystal-clear and completely comprehensible despite the sheer amount of time changes, cervix-snapping breakdowns and whirlwind guitar frenzies (PINCH HARMONICS TO THE MAX) jammed into this 16 minute mosh fest.

Actually, don't mosh to this. You will die.

Also, the scream/growl in the beginning of Postmortem Perception is reason enough to own this.