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The forgotten Malice album - 58%

UltraBoris, November 12th, 2002

Low grade because it's just an EP. And I hate EPs, they are over far too fast. If there were twice as many songs of this quality, it would get a 76.

Captive of Light is from the old days of Malice (1982-83), and Vice Versa is from the end of their careers. It appeared on the soundtrack to that movie, and in fact Malice are shown live in the film! It and Crazy in the Night are nice 80s-styled rockers, while Captive of Light is more power-metal, and Death or Glory somewhere in between.

The vocals are done by Mark Weitz and Paul Sabu - not James Neal. More bluesish, not quite as shrieky. Think of Rhett Forrester vs. Guy Speranza. Or, more accurately, Guy Speranza vs. Tony Moore, really. The riff and lead work is just as good as previous Malice albums. Overall this is worth getting if you find it, too bad it's so damn short.