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Quite Good Debut - 79%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 12th, 2008

The sounds of a thunder and winds are the intro to the Malevolent Creation debut. The tempo at the beginning is slow, like a march with clean, narrating vocals, while “Premature Burial” finally shows the very first death metal impact parts with blast beats and lots of up tempo. The production by Burns is very good and powerful without being so clean but very “full” in the guitars sounds.

Here Malevolent Creation weren’t so thrash/death metal like nowadays, but surely more death metal in the structures and the sounds, more lowtuned and rotten. Anyway you can notice that there are not prominent influences and the group is quite original anyway, but always with an eye to thrash metal.

The vocals are not so screamed or growled but sometimes they are very similar to Schuldiner’s ones and they can be seen as the exasperation of thrash metal ones. The riffs on “Multiple Stab Wounds” are great with lots of tempo changes and fast solos, or also the screams in “Impaled Existence” that features slowest parts, more focused on the fast bass drum speed. “Thou Shall Kill” brings an higher dose of violence with faster parts and frenetic guitar work.

Surely tracks like “Decadence Within” or “Injected Sufferance” and the better, final title track, flow normally but there are few stand out moments here and even if the group is on total violence and adrenaline, there’s always the idea of “listened one, listened all”. Well, it’s not bad for a debut but the best has to come, for sure.