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We Are All A Part Of This Malevolent Creation! - 85%

AllPowerToSlaves, April 22nd, 2007

The Ten Commandments was Malevolent Creation's 1991 debut on Roadrunner Records...and what a debut it was. As usual, Scott Burns would produce another classic in the death metal genre, and one that would remain for over 15 years.

The album opens with the perfectly arranged (no pun intended) "Memorial Arrangements". This intro sets up the atmosphere of the album quite well with its slow drums and chugging guitars. Brett Hoffman's most calm vocals are heard here; a few well thought out lines to sum up the death of a "wretched waste of a man". After this, the sickening riff to "Premature Burial" comes in, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. "Remnants of Withered Decay" and especially "Multiple Stab Wounds" are must listens. This album seems to flow so good, it's hard to not listen straight through every time.

Brett Hoffman does an excellent job, as always, with vocals. Slurring and spitting words in such a way that really portrays the goal of each song. Phil Fasciana did a damn good job with the riffs on this album. The guitars are crisp and clear, right up front. Scott Burns stellar production makes this one of the most listen-able albums the band has ever put out; everything is so organized and neatly presented here.

As mentioned before, stand out tracks include "Premature Burial", "Remnants of Withered Decay", "Multiple Stab Wounds", "Impaled Existence", "Sacrificial Annihilation" and of course, the closing "Malevolent Creation". This album is somewhat hard to find these days, but is a must have for any fan of older death metal.

In conclusion, check this album out and you won't be disappointed. While it's not their best album (Retribution and Envenomed are a VERY close tie), it certainly holds its own as one of the best debut albums ever. Check it out!