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DE-STROY - 85%

spacecorpse1, October 9th, 2007

This is good. This is very good indeed. I still can't really believe the speed of the blast beats on this album and frankly I can't understand why more others haven't made a big stink about it as well.

The blast beats on this album are soo fast and soo brutal that you will hear them slower than they really are because it can't be right? Man, the blast beats are quite a bit faster than on Terrorizer's World Downfall album but in that general style. Drummer Dave Culross obviously makes this album what it is because without him providing his signature blasting this would be kind of mediocre Death Metal; still good but certainly mediocre. Oh and I also need to mention the crushing pummel of Dave Culross's more than competent double bass delivery here. And topping it all of is a very punchy, natural, fluid production of the drums curteosy of Brian Griffin of Broken Hope.

So where does that leave us? Obviously I've praised the drumming on this album but what of the rest of it? Vocalist Brett Hoffman's raspy, venomous, hatefilled bellows are in perfect form here. Guitarists Phil Fasciana and Rob Barret(of Cannibal Corpse fame) deliver a sharp, crunchy, deadly performance here. What's good about the guitars is how they perfectly work around the percussive nature of the compositions; fully utilizing Dave Culross's pounding, time keeping flow here.

This album has it all in the spectrum of death metal. Totally fast blasters, mid paced crunchers that build and grab you by the balls, excellent Slayer-esque breakdowns(before they became overdone)... It is surprising to me that this isn't a more highly revered album in Malevolent Creation's discography. I feel that this, along with their first albums were their best of all. Envenomed, the album that came after this one, usually received all the acolades but that one had a production quality to it that was slightly too digital and pasted together feeling to be as good as this one. But nevertheless this is just my opinion and one should consider that Malevolent Creation has made this above average slab of pleasing to the ears death metal sickness that should be checked out by anyone into killer drumming and violent music.