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Malevolent deah metal! - 97%

humancorpse, April 14th, 2005

This is the follow up to 1990`s amazing The ten comandments. The band hasn`t really changed, this is really just more of the same, but that is definitly not a bad thing! The only real diffrence is the production, which is alot better.

The album starts of with the spooky intro of Eve of the apocalypse. After around a minute the song starts and annihilates everything in its path! This song pretty much sets the standard for the whole album.

The guitar duo Phil Fasciana and Rob Barret ( also known from Cannibal Corpse) write really brutal riffs! And this was back in 92, back then there wasn`t that many guide lines to follow, so Rob and Phil were truly ahead of their time. There is, howeever, a slight influence of thrash to be found here. There`s also a few solos to be found, but there isn`t really anything remarkable to them, as this is pretty fast death metal which usally dosn`t have room for solos ( with the exception of Nile).

This is probably Malevolent`s best album ever, or at least their best album with Brett as a frontman. If you want to get into death metal, this is the record to buy!

Standout tracks: Eve of the apocalypse, Slauhter of innocence, Coronation of our domain, No flesh shall be spared.

Alex Marquez`s drumming is pretty standard death metal with lots of blast beats and dobbel kick drums, but atleast this guy knows when to blast and not to blast. Technically he isn`t really that good; the album lacks the incredible tom rolls that Dave Cullros seems to master. Alex`s best work is defintly on Eve of the apocalypse. Here the drums are more varid.

Jason`s bass isn`t really there, but i am pretty shure he just follows Phil and Rob. This guy became much more a part of the band when he pick up the mic in "Eternal".

Brett Hoffman is an outstanding vocalist! His voice is pretty low, but there is still no problem to make out what he says. He is alot different from the later vocalists ( Jason and Kyle). But despite his incredible voice, i am in fact glad he is gone. Acording to Phil, the band always had problems with him, he never showed up for practice and was really aducted to drugs. Phil and Rob have stated that the could make a whole book about the guy! Anyway, you can`t complain about his charicteristic vocals, and neither can you complain about his lyrics related to killing and hate. The lyrics are actually pretty generic, but because of the way the sings them, you will love them.