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The Apocalypse has Arrived! - 84%

PKendall317, July 26th, 2011

Malevolent Creation's sophomore album is a great improvement over their debut, "The Ten Commandments," and is easily my favorite Malevolent Creation album.

Since their debut, the production quality has improved and "Retribution" sounds much cleaner than its predecessor. The songwritting has also improved on "Retribution," and it doesn't have the same monotonic qualities as "The Ten Commandments" did. The guitar riffs are much more memorable than they previously were, and the guitars also have much more of a variety to them. The album features slow to mid paced songs like "Coronation of our Domain," and "No Flesh Shall be Spared," to faster songs like the opening track, "Systematic Execution," and "Monster."

The drums are good, and sound better than they did on "The Ten Commandments," but in terms of skill are nothing special. I still do have a problem with Brett Hoffman's vocals though. I don't think he's a bad vocalist, and I love the energy he puts into his vocals that adds to their intensity. My problem is how is voice actually sounds. He still sounds hoarse and dry, like he's already done the vocals once and is worn out from doing them.

Other than that, I greatly enjoyed "Retribution," and it's one of my favorite old school death metal albums to listen to.