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Slaughter of innocence! - 95%

Chopped_in_Half, March 31st, 2010

Back in 1991, Malevolent Creation released 'The Ten Commandments' and caught the underground metal scene by surprise, they came right out of no where, and yes that album was awesome, but in 1992, they topped it in my opinion with the sophomore release which is this album.

Now sometimes bands follow up the debut, and it fails to be better or as good as the debut, that is not the situation here, Malevolent Creation took what was best from 'The Ten Commandments' and made it better, and that is obvious right off from the first track 'Eve of the Apocalypse' now this song starts with a rather long keyboard intro, but it's awesome, because it sounds dark, and then the headbanging begins with a furious death/thrash assault of killer riffs, and Brett 'The Voice' Hoffman's vocals, this guys vocals are just so awesome, and his vocals are why I would call this album death/thrash, he has the growl, but it's more dry, kind of raspy like a thrash vocalist, 'Systematic Execution' is next, this song is made of complete awesome, fast shredding riffs about, pounding drums, violent lyrics, and quite a few nice tempo changes, especially at the break, heavy as fuck guitars, and Brett's awesome vocals 'Slaughter of Innocence' does just what the song title suggests, IT SLAUGHTERS, opening with some excellent thrashy riffs, and wicked double bass, and then the breakdown in this song...oh the breakdown, just fucking awesome as it slows right down, and you hear Brett saying 'DIE MOTHER FUCKER!' over the top of the wicked riffs, and some nice bass work you can hear during the beginning of the break, awesomeness.

'Coronation of our Domain' slows things down to a bludgeoning stomping pace, and is nothing short of heavy as fuck, especially during the chorus, those riffs that just don't think I mean drag on, I mean they drag as in the way it's done, it's just impossible to NOT headbang to, also, James Murphy of Death and Obituary fame does the solo on this song, and we all know James can shred like a mother fucker, and he sure does here, next is 'No Flesh Shall Be Spared' this song mostly mid-paced through out, but the riffs are catchy as hell, as well as the verses and the chorus, it does speed up after the solo, this song also has some awesome blast beats, but not over done, he stills manages to keep it interesting with excellent fills and grooves, the breakdown in the middle of this song is heavy as all hell as well, especially once the solo hits, as it shreds like no other.

I'll skip down to the closing track 'Iced' yes, this song is about gangsters, about whacking someone, which we all know means to kill, and that's what this song does, IT KILLS, it's fast, thrashy, violent, just the way a gangster would want it, John Gotti would not be disappointed, and during the break, you hear Brett say 'you worthless piece of shit!' NICE! at the end Brett talks like an old school gangster saying 'I've done it always, as far as you've known or heard, there isn't to many things I haven't tried, no matter how it was done, I've known guys that went to sleep before and never woke up again, I mean ya know' followed by a sadistic laugh, HOW COOL IS THAT?!

If you've heard Malevolent Creation's debut 'The Ten Commandments' and loved it as I did, than you need to get this album, as I feel it's even better, and that's no easy task, or if you're looking to get into MC, I would recommend this album over all the others.