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A good second album, but... - 85%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, September 24th, 2008

My personal tastes about music include this band just partially. You know, sometimes there are bands that to someone are great and to you not so much. I’m not saying that this is a bad band, absolutely, but simply it’s not inside my circle of personal preferences. It’s like the case for Cannibal Corpse for me; they never entered in my daily, weekly or monthly listening breaks. By the way, I prefer more recent albums by Malevolent Creation, but I must admit that they improved with the second album. The first one was nice but still a bit immature and too yawn in some parts as far as I’m concerned.

This time, the production is clearer and closer to the more recent albums if we want. The guitars are always powerful but since the beginning we can hear that the band is really pissed off and this through more mature compositions. The production exalts a lot the vocals that even this time are a way between the brutal thrash and the death metal. They are always well balanced and not too extreme at all, realizing a good compromise for both the thrash metal metalheads and the ones who listen to more death metal. The drums are quite clear and powerful but also here we can hear the new band’s will, the one to change and make less death metal sounds to embrace a cleaner production.

By the way, everything is perfectly audible and the tempo changes are very well done. “Eve The Apocalypse” already shows sudden breaks to the up tempo parts, where the band is good at less impulsive and more doom passages that, anyway, don’t forget about countless riffs and morbid atmospheres. With “Systematic Execution” we increase the speed and the first blast beats come in a continue devastation of up tempo parts. The following “Slaughter of Innocence” is the fitting example if how much this band has grown up in songwriting. The riffs are so fast and numerous and they are perfectly stuck in the continued tempo changes and stop and go series.

The bass is played with a pick and you can hear it because it’s so metallic and can be heard very well even during the fast parts. The tremolo picking of the guitars on single chords is truly violent and this is taken directly from the classic death metal. “Coronation of Our Domain” develops its fury through mid-paced parts and inhuman vocal parts. The refrain is the catchiest of this album. “No Flesh Shall Be Spared” is the lowest point of this effort because it’s quite monotonous and overlong during the mid-paced parts. The furious, out of the blue, blast beats parts are better but a bit sporadic. “The Coldest Survive” is more dynamic and fast; even the guitars solos are better because sometimes they are not just filled with anger, but they also give a support for a dark melody.

“Monster” and “Mindlock” are two very good examples of brutal approach to death metal. In these two songs the tempo increases a lot and the blast beats are more present, along with up tempo sections and heavier guitars parts. The intensity reaches remarkable levels and this time the band seems even more compact. The last “Iced” is the classic fast song to finish the album and features more or less every characteristic it should have to shake the brain: furious blast beats (this time more bound to the death/grind), ultra heavy mid-paced sections and more screamed vocal parts. Overall, this album is way better that the debut one but there’s still something of this band that doesn’t drive me crazy. I don’t know, maybe it’s all about the personal tastes…