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Brutal, but a bit repetitive. - 87%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, November 3rd, 2008

Envenomed is more than probably the most violent output by Malevolent Creation. Its predecessor, The Fine Art of Murder album displayed a more complex and catchy if we want, approach to this genre and featured a long length, while with this one we return to the sheer power of Eternal and In Cold Blood, but with a better production. Malevolent Creation are now a well-established band in death metal and you cannot go wrong if you are searching for your daily dosage of brutal death metal with always an eye to thrash.

More or less 40 minutes of music are perfect to enclose eleven tracks that point everything on the sheer assault of the instruments. I’ve always considered this album as an almost grind/death one because there’s no time to rest here and no will to slow down even for a minute. Everything is conceived by crazy minds to be brutal and heavy and “Homicidal Rent” is ready to explode at the beginning of this massacre. The production is pounding and all the instruments are simply devastating in volumes, distortion and power. The blast beats by the always great Dave Culross are furious and relentless, with his maniacal precision.

Even the more mid-paced moments are full of riffs, stop and go and up tempo parts. Some catchy choruses are actually welcomed and they take lots of their catchiness from The Fine Art of Murder album. Brett is always very good at vocals with his raspy, suffered and angry tonality. His vocals are here to stay, branding each passage and part. The guitars work is simply direct, heavy and blasting. In some parts we can find a small spirit to embrace some melodies, but everything in this case is short and we can have a good example with “Kill Zone”. The melodies are sad but they last for few seconds and they are always covered with blast beats and up tempo parts.

“Halved” is bombastic when the blast beats enter after the dark arpeggios by the beginning, while “Serial Dementia” is on total fast tempo with blast beats and simpler, more direct riffage. “Bloodline Severed” is even greater for the break in the middle where the melodies return a bit over a carpet of fast bass drum beats and we can find even a good solo. Kyle Symons does the backing vocals on “Pursuit Revised” and I’ve always loved his growling style (check out his immense work with Hateplow band). The bass notes are more evident and audible on “Conflict” that featured also another heavy quantity of brutality.

The other songs follow the rest of the album and probably this is the main problem of this effort. Everything is brutal yes, but with The Fine Art of Murder this band makes us notice their goodness even during the more mid-paced moments, while in this case we cannot find them anymore. Apart from that I’ve always found something incomplete on the albums by this band, but here the songs are a bit too much similar and the boredom can invade us in some parts. There are really few albums that can be fantastic in this genre from the beginning till the end…don’t get me wrong, this is a good album but I’d have liked more variety since a quite big part of these fast songs is repetitive and doesn’t really stand out from the rest…