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CD - Metal Scrap Records - 70%

Thrasher Tim, October 21st, 2012

So today I have the pleasure to introduce you to Majesty Of Revival, a Ukrainian progressive power metal band. Upon first listening, bands like Yngwie Malmsteen and Rhapsody immediately spring to mind. While those bands have big budgets and real professional sound engineering, Majesty Of Revival does a very good job sounding professional on a lower budget, which is pretty impressive considering it's a debut album. All the instruments sound right and this is especially noticeable with the organ used in 'The Code', but not every song here is a winner. There are some weaker ones like 'Magnolia Dei' with its sudden use of more brutal vocals being very out of place in this sub-genre of metal. And those just aren't even that great to begin with.

The album is pretty diverse with, like previously mentioned, even some grunting to switch things around. That makes for an experience that does not get boring. Too bad not every song is a winner, but at least the good outweigh the bad. As far as singing goes, the 'normal' singer does a decent job and most noticeable of all, has almost no accent. A thing quite strange for a Ukrainian band. Instrumentally it works a bit better, the guitar work is very good on a technical level and elevates the music from being a standard power metal band to a more progressive level.

The artwork is very very fitting; there's no way somebody wouldn't look at this and mistake the genre. Well done, guys. The booklet contains the lyrics as expected, but I do have a gripe with it. Namely the text is almost impossible to read, and being such a small font doesn't really help either. I'm hoping with their next release this will be addressed. I like to know what they are singing about.

For a first album this is quite good and I'm definitely looking forward to what they will bring in the future.

PS: The highlight of the album is definitely 'Self Control'. It's just a song that really, really works.

Originally written for Progressive Violence