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Great music, awful production! - 84%

Popa_Iuda, January 26th, 2009

This is Majesty from New York, the pre-Dream Theater band. Back in the days these guys played great music with a good deal of upsurge and attitude, before turning themselves into one of the most $ucce$$ful progressive metal bands. As every band that was trying prog metal in that period, Majesty bled an epic US power/prog metal with some Fates Warning, Queensrÿche or Rush influences. This era is probably Dream Theater's peak, before they $tart wanking things up and down, with music that went nowhere. Note that I’m reffering to the period after A Change of Seasons!

The stand-out track here is : Another Won, which is to me an underground power/prog masterpiece! That part with the solo is one of my favourite from this genre(s), and great climax too. John Petrucci nailed it here - emotion, lots of reverb to create epic dreamy atmosphere, and slightly neoclassic tint. The keyboards handled by Kevin Moore are very present throughout all the tracks., providing a great background. Chris Collins, an obssessed Geoff Tate fan (also Geddy Lee influences can be heard), sings with such fiery passion that sometimes he overflows and sounds off-key. But he is listenable for example in Another Won or Your Majesty.

The lyrical level is not as high, complex, diverse and filled with poetic artistry as Fates Warning's (or others), but its acceptable and complements the overall feel of their music. The sound of this demo is muffled so it'll not sound fine to some ears.

Recommended ? Hell yeah!