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Thanks, but no thanks - 40%

THRASHERik, December 10th, 2012

Having read about Majesty being a true metal band strongly influenced by Manowar, I felt tempted to check these guys out. I also gave them quite a bit of credit because their frontman, Tarek, is one of the guys behind Germany's ├╝ber-cool Keep It True festival where underground metal legends like Omen, Sentinel Beast, and Sacrifice have performed. And hey, a cd called "Hellforces" can't be bad, now can it?

Boy, was I wrong. To be quite blunt, this cd just sounds so cheesy, happy, and predictable that even Hammerfall would have chucked it in the bin for being too average and too commercial. I suppose teenage boys and girls growing tired of mainstream pop music would appreciate this and think this is hard 'n' heavy, but long time, die-hard heavy metal fans would not touch this album with a 10 foot pole. Just listen to the chorus of "March for Victory" and the hairs on your neck will stand up. "Freedom Heart" is even worse as it is gayer than any George Michael song. This has to be heard to be believed. Anyone want to have a sing along?

Is there nothing positive to say about this album? Well, actually there is. The musicianship isn't bad at all and neither are the vocals. The production of "Hellforces", courtesy of Stefan Kaufmann, is also quite alright and sounds heavy and crisp. If only Majesty would have written some actual heavy metal songs for this cd!

I am not sure if this album was just a slip up and the other Majesty albums are actually good, but after hearing "Hellforces", I really don't feel like checking them out.