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After not so many aeons... - 85%

Slaytan, November 13th, 2003

So what do we have here? An album that at a first look seems like every standard black metal album. But if you look better you notice that the album’s title is not “Bleed For Satan, Rape The Virgins” or “Blackhearted Angels attacking Vatican” but “Guardian of The Desert”. So you start to wonder what the hell is this band about? Well this CD gives us atmospheric black metal made with oriental passages (cool Arabic melodies) but with a totally cold sound. Amazing! From the beginning to the end of this disc cold and hypnotic keyboards with guitars will drive you into to the night. The lyrics are great; dealing with dreams, dragons, visions, etc. But these aren’t stereotype black metal lyrics. Everything is connected with night magic. The music and lyrics on this album are truly a guide to night magic. After listening and reading everything I felt like hypnotized… So if there is something that I like is variety. And Magus Noctum knows how to do that. The songs never tend to be boring and repeating. Now lets pass to the production. I personally love the sound of this CD but I am sure that people who most of the time listens to works recorded in Woodhouse, Abyss, Fredmann etc. wont be satisfied. The whole sound is cold but not crystallized, yet every instrument is well heard. The drums are organic, recorded just with microphones, so no triggers this time. The vocals could be better. The voice is great but more interpretation could be added. Conclusion: this album is great for lovers of underground as for lovers of bands like Emperor, Covenant (In Times Before… , Nexus Polaris) etc. Give them a try…