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Driving Me Insane - 86%

lister_fiend, October 21st, 2012

No, Dead Head isn't the only thrash act from the Netherlands that's still releasing some quality music and "A Measured Timeframe" is proof. Magnetron originally started out as a grindcore band before they decided to start playing thrash and since their inception in 1996 they've sporadically released a few demos with some of those tracks appearing here on "A Measured Timeframe," their debut album. While Magnetron may not be as praised as much as the criminally underrated Dead Head, they still manage to deliver an album that stands out in a world where the retro-thrash acts all begin to sound the same and fail to stray away from the pack.

As mentioned earlier, Magnetron was once a grindcore band and that influence definitely shines through on this release. The weird, yet humorous vocal stylings on the track "Flashing of the Brain" are completely reminiscent of old school crossover and grind acts, while the song "Rob a Bank, Buy a Tank" clocks in at less than a minute long and is riddled with blast beats (I mean that in a good way).

Don't be afraid though (those of you don't enjoy the awesomeness of grind), because "A Measured Timeframe" is very much so a thrash album. The riffs are really catchy and remind the listener of bands like Anthrax and Nuclear Assault. The midpaced riff near the beginning of "The Human Race Has Been Cancelled" almost sounds like it could have been in a track off of "Among the Living" and the song "A Bit Inconsiderate" wouldn't sound really out of place on "Game Over."

A lot of the songs on this album are similar in the way that they're short, fast and to the point for the most part. "Right to Dislike" and "Born Witless" are both relatively short tracks, but they hit you like a brick one after the other. There is one outlier though, the title track. On this song, Magnetron whipped out the acoustic before going into a thrashing blitzkrieg, only the riffs here aren't like the ones from earlier. They're still catchy and aggressive, but the use of different powerchords adds a different feel to the overall track before it turns into the relentless assault that we got on the other tracks, including the blast beats and the vocals that sound damn near identical to Mille Petrozza.

That pretty much covers the sound of "A Measured Timeframe." Ten hard hitting tracks that should have no problem whatsoever in waking your inner '80s thrash demon that's just waiting to destroy a venue whilst incredibly intoxicated.

"The Human Race Has Been Cancelled"
"A Measured Timeframe"
"Flashing of the Brain"

Originally written for Skull Fracturing Metal Zine.