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Not a great album - 72%

Seigneur_Gaziel, March 31st, 2005

Magister Dixit second album is way more agressive than Andar And [...]. But they never should had changed their style passing to Melodic Fantastic to Melodic Brutal. The sound is really clear and every instrument is well balance except for Join The Circle Of Eternal Tought wich is a sound torture. Hyldeon's Destiny is the best song on the entire album unfortunately its the shortest too!! I think this album is weaker than their previous releases the guitar sometime sond like new Mayhem (beurk!!) with some time a touch of viking metal... The lack of creativity is a big downfall for this album and the remake of the song civilisation of the new days is too brutal and noisie! the vocals and the brutal solos are the worst part of the song wich once was really cool and melodic on andar and... The best song on this album are Hyldeon's Destiny and The Hunchback wich is a acoustic song

This album really dissapoint me since i am a huge fan of Magister Dixit early work