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A Promising Piece Of Symphonic Metal Art! - 100%

within_darkness, April 20th, 2009

Every fan knows that from time to time the metal music scene becomes far too unpredictable, but that’s what keeps it alive, no matter if we’re talking about refreshing occasions or pure sad mainstream events. However, no one can deny that without all those newcoming groups it’ll all end up nowhere. The young Dutch band Magion is here to prove that no matter the fact that you still haven’t released any full-length album, you can still make beautiful and worthy music which can satisfy all whims, or rather make all wishes come true. Some few years ago the six members of the band provided through their music a serious matter to the audience of the limitless female fronted metal bands, and now they’re back again to stand their ground and to give them another brilliant lesson in “why and how to play symphonic metal nowadays”.

The moment is right at hand, because in 2009 they brought to life their new demo with its three songs, all of which represent the mystical spirit of Magion. The music itself proves they’ve chosen their band name wisely and with a good reason – these three songs incorporate a complex mix of majestic musical elements: symphonic tunes, sharp progressive riffs with masterful melodic solos and clear keyboard invasions, all that building up a solid instrumental basis for the real treasure of Magion - non other than the powerful and diverse voice of the talented main singer Myrthe van Beest, who can by any means stand up to every other female vocalist in metal because of her great vocal range, spreading from clear lines to classic opera style. Each of the songs has its own specific and private mood – from the mid-tempo of the beautiful symphonies, choir-like and duet elements of “Greed”, through surprising contrasts between ballad and high-speed heavy riffing in “Forever Mine”, all the way back to the dark, yet energetic chords of “War of Hearts”. As if that’s not enough, another great source of Magion’s music comes from the fact that no matter how rich and lively it’s been presented to the listeners by the band members, one can clearly notice all that highly experienced sense, brought to a new, almost lunatic level of professionalism by the skillful musicians.

However, the three songs of the demo recording are just an appetizer for all admirers of not only metal, but symphonic and melodic music in general. The demo itself makes way for the upcoming debut album of the yet unsigned band, titled “Close To Eternity”, which is recorded at Excess Studios (After Forever, Ayreon, Epica, Gorefest) and mastered in Sweden by none other than the sound titan Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity, Katatonia, Novembre, Opeth). At this rate Magion has clearly stated their promise and plans for the future – when the band gets a record deal and actually release its debut album, the metal scene will be once again shaken, as all the fans will be, left speechless before the enchanting power of Magion’s music, which they already proved they can and will play, no matter what.