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Split 'em up! - 79%

IxI_KILLING, June 19th, 2011

Autophagia - Goregrind from Greece that is no longer together. You can't really say "they" split-up because Angelos was the only one in the band. Yes, you heard that right, Autophagia is a one man project that will rip you apart from the inside out. Autophagia's side of this split only clocks in at 4 minutes and 42 seconds but you'll get more puking, rotten goregrind than you can handle in the nine tracks that are provided. Nine tracks and all of them except "Intro (Typhos)" come in under a minute long. Nothing really amazing about this side of the split, it's just good ol' fashion goregrind that will give you the Carcass like pukes, songs that last nearly seconds and the feeling that your stomach could explode at any given moment. Lyrical themes are the normal I suppose; death, torture, gore and mutilation, the bare-essentials you need to create a decent goregrind band in any country of this world. If you're looking for the perfect Christmas present or record to put on while your family lounges around the fire inside your mansion, this is it.

Maggut - A three piece from Osaka, Japan that won't hesitate to chop you into little pieces of sushi then feed you to the rats the roam the streets. Only having fives tracks on this split, the songs are a bit longer than the Autophagia side, at least some of them are.Preying on the weak with disgusting vocals and some pretty nice death riffs, this side of the split has to be my favorite out of the two. Maggut gives you that grind/death combination that we all love, similar to bands like Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Brutal Truth Only releasing two demos, two splits and one full-length, Maggut has the rigth structure as a band to soar into a band that could take over the world and literally eat it alive, if that's what they wanted to do. If you've never listened to Maggut or never even heard of these guys, check them out because even though this split was released back in 2006, they have material that is up for grabs all over the place, you just have to look quite hard to find it.

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