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Maerormid - Stasi

Maerormid - Stasi - 91%

Edmund Sackbauer, June 5th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Dark Hammer Legion (Limited edition)

Quite traditional black metal with hints of doom and even some small subtle doses of death metal is what this Italian outfit is all about. Having been formed in 2008 they are no newbies and it shows. Beside some splits and EPs “Stasi” is already their third full length, presenting a band which had come to its own and presents its own signature sound in strong fashion.

There are classic tremolo parts, but also extended soloing sections. Strange sounding and also symphonic samples are used as well as more ambient interludes or other out-of-the-box elements. In the end each song has its own character, and looking at the album as a whole one really gets the feeling of a concept that is brought forward through the music. The blast beats that manage their way into the mix create a perfect balance between what’s extreme and what is melodic and atmospheric. Every single track from this record has a melody and harmonies that you are going to have in your head all day long. The combination of tight riffs with tight drumming and beautiful melodies made by the guitar is something that comes out in a special way here.

All the tracks offer pure black metal vibes, replete with robust blast beats and fantastically melodramatic guitar-driven majesty. There is a certain dissonant and sometimes unorthodox vibe inherent in the music, but ultimately the epic hooks are dominating, with the combination of chaos and order, darkness and light creating a dense yet captivating atmosphere. There are quite a few rhythm and tempo changes, but overall the songs follow a clear and stringent structure. The soloing parts are well implemented and never overstay their welcome. Relentless riff attacks are interchanging with laid-back pieces, giving the whole thing a fantastic atmosphere. Epic melodies are always present in the background, lending each song its own special character.

Some passages are very melancholic and slow, having a quite strong doom metal character. It speaks volumes about the songwriting ability of Maerormid that those sections feel like natural parts of the songs, building a link between faster and more straight-forwards parts and helping to highlight the emphasis on creating such a dense atmosphere.

The production is almost flawless with the right combination of rawness and clarity to give each instrument and sonic detail enough room to breathe. The end result is a very natural and organic sound, fitting the music like a glove. The vocals are very intense and powerful, with the singer spitting out the Italian lyrics in great fashion. Fans of atmospheric and distinct black metal surely need to give “Stasi” a try.