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The Irish are good at this sort of thing! - 95%

Cold_Colours, May 28th, 2004

It started off as a normal enough gig when i went to see Return To The Sabbat in London late last year, until i was approached by a group of large drunk Irishmen, mercifully the threatened kicking didnt take place and instead as most Irishmen i ve met they were a sound bunch of guys coming over to compliment my Primordial t shirt! Anyways, it turns out one of them is in Mael Mordha, and offers to send me some free demos...... Did i ever tell you how much i like the Irish???

Anyways, a few months later among others this 'Caoineadh na nGael' demo pops through my letter box! And what can i say? This demo is utterly brilliant, how is it this band are not signed?

Opener ' Pauper of souls' is a thunderous doomy warrior song, powerful clean vocals roar over the top of a big fuck off crashing doom laden riff full of celtic passion, believe me this song will have you punching the air in no time!

The second song is much slower, darker and very deppressive, with great quiet clean vocals and piano, to these ears it sounds like a celtic version of an early saturnus song, but dare i say it, better? about halfway through this song a lonely celtic pipe starts to wind a sad windswept Irish melody through the gloom, this has to be heard to truely appreciate its greatness, no words i can say can give this song or indeed the whole demo justice!

If you like passionate atmospheric doom metal, make the effort to get hold of this demo, it will not dissapoint!