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Guilty or not? - 89%

Tonger_Bloedhiem, March 26th, 2012

Most metal heads know that there was a big black metal baby boom in the late 1990's. 'Provenance of Cruelty' was released in 1999 and never became a bestseller as far as I know. The question that rose to me was: did Mactätus contribute to the overkill of symphonic black metal, or were they a victim of the commercial success of synth-driven darkness? Let's find out.

On the forehand they score three points. One: Mactätus hails from Norway. Two: Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) wrote some lyrics for them. And three: Samoth (Emperor) helped out with the production. Does that automatically make this a good album? No.

The album sounds very good over all, although the snare-drum get's lost during the blast beats. Not every guitar riff is genius, but that doesn't mind: it's the synthesizers that lift the music to a haunting piece of Scandinavian satanic metal art. My favorites are 'King of The Dark Side' (the reason I bought this album), 'En Trone Vevd Av Tid' with it's doom metal passage that reminds of Officium Triste and the faster, more aggressive 'S¢nn Av Torden'. Another big plus is the contribution of Kathrine Abrahamsen on 'Sleepless Souls'. I had to double check if she really wasn't the singer of Dismal Euphony.

Of all the millions of melodic black metal releases in the world, this is one to cherish. Recommended to fans of early Dimmu Borgir: some riffs are 100% influenced by 'For All Tid'. Conclusion: not guilty!