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Imperium yay, the rest nay... - 58%

peer, June 17th, 2005

This album was a big hype in late 2003. Many reviews were praising, proclaiming how Machine Head had gone back to their roots. It was supposed to be a second Burn your Eyes. Machine Head had been Nu-Metal for quite a while before the release of this album. And then Imperium blessed my ears. A great song. Unlike other Machine Head songs, this was pure metal. Groovy riffs, fast metal drumming. Simply put, an awesome track.

But Alas, the rest of the album, the so hailed come back, does not compare to the opening track. Plenty of promising tracks. Bite the bullet and others contain some great riffs, and Vim has a sweet solo that showcases a lot of skill, but the songs don't seem to go anywhere. Most of them are not memorable at all. The songwriting just isn't what it should be. McClain's drumming is great, Flynn however tries too much to sound angry and his vocals just don't flow with the music and this effects to the elimination of any chance of a good tune. Many of the nu-metal elements of earlier times pop up as well, and they just don't mix the groove metal.

The conclusion is that Machine Head has some skilled musicians and they have the potential to make a good album, but this is disappointing. Still three stars for this one, because of Imperium and because of the improvement they have made and hopefully they'll be a full-fledged metal band soon, once again.