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Same shit, different year - 9%

UltraBoris, November 30th, 2003

To those saying this is a return to the old times - perhaps you are right. However, it is not a return to the only good thing that band ever did, namely Davidian. Listen to Davidian and see how it just fucking works on some levels. Sure, it's groove as fuck, but it's got decent riffs and it MOVES ALONG in a straightforward fashion, each step anticipating the next correctly. In short, it does not drag.

Now, this entire album fucking drags, and drags hard. It goes around in circles, it goes nowhere, and pretty much is the equivalent of fingernails on chalkboard. Slow, irritating, and you just want it to fucking stop.

There's pretty much one decent song on here, and even it's not that great... that is the opener, Imperium. It seems like "Davidian, except with stupid interludes thrown in". Yes indeed, you have some melodic bullshit parts, thrown in for no reason. Plus you have the 'classic' Machine Head squeal guitars, which come in for no reason to distract things. Too much fucking on the tremolo bar, not enough music.

Oh yeah, then you have the vocals. Robb Flynn attempts a Mike Patton, going through every possible way to suck. You hear the fuckhead BREATHE for crying out loud. Isn't that taught in Singing 101? Breathe away from the microphone. The vocals are just far the fuck too loud in the mix, and we occasionally have the cringe-worthy moment where it's JUST VOCALS. Yeah, no mallcore to be found anywhere? Riiiight.

For example, All Falls Down could've been on the last MH album. It's complete shit. You get the stupid non-distorted guitar bullshit with loud vocals over them, and then you have the pre-chorus which has an actual riff, and then you have the chorus, which drags on with the long vocal notes 'driving' the passage, but really going nowhere.

As I said, that's the theme of the album. Going nowhere. Total modern-rock bullshit with the occasional mallcore section. Avoid if you have any sensibility.