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New lyrical content....please - 55%

Souther_Metal_Junky, November 1st, 2007

This is my first Machine Head album so i don't have any comparison to their previous albums, though I have heard the singles off of 3 of the albums. This album was supposed to be Machine Head's return to their groove/thrash roots, however, their is quite a bit of nu-metal and rapcore elements that have been picked up along the way that can be heard in the album.

The album starts with the critically acclaimed "Imperium." Though this song along with "Bite the Bullet" and "Seasons Wither" are the least mediocre on the album, it is still plagued by the same song formula as the utter shit on the album. The problem is too many fucking clean singing breakdowns. Imperium comes along nicely, sounds innovative, and even exciting then the unholy fucking Flynn begins the semi-metalcore, clean singing bullshit. It is however a listenable track, and I must admit though the chorus is a bit dumb, it is catchy.

There are many things on this album that I find annoying such as: nearly all songs having upwards of 5+ different sections, clean singing breakdowns that really kill the intensity, scattered nu-metal riffs, the monotony of the lyrics (sounds like one big crying session), vocals (Flynn's voice is tolerable for a few songs in a row, but 53 minutes of his pseudo-death metal/gargling is barely standable), and plain bad experimentation.

Aside from the three tracks mentioned above a few other positives of the album are a few good solos, and McClain's drumming. Whenever i zone out of the distorted nu-metal/slow groove riffs, McClain's snare slapping and bass thumping brings me right back to the fore. In my opinion he really saves the album from utter chaos.

One last complaint and then I'll quit bitching. The last song on the album "Descend the Shades of Night" deserves it's own little bitch section. FUCK i literally wanted to slam my forehead onto the steering wheel as i listened to this bland, droning, musical fart of a song. It was so goddamn long and boring that I could zone out of it and come back to conscienceness and it still play on and on and on.

Sitting in the empty black
The last slivers of dusk have passed
Accept the dawn to ease the fear
One day I will not be here
Death she comes and with her thread
Upon me ties a mask for dead
Its tears of blood begin to seep
And bleed the sky

7:45 of that bullshit. And oh oh oh does ole Robby love to rhyme.

Anyway I used to like this album and actually held it in decent regard. I'd be like, "hey, I think I'll listen to Through Ashes of Empires, listen to track 1 and 2, maybe another skip to 8 then eject, without thinking. Now after listening to the whole thing through I don't even wanna make the effort anymore.

55 is due solely to the drumming, few solos, and 3 songs.