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And the problem with this is.........? - 90%

Nailbomb, December 1st, 2004

I've heard mixed reviews of this album and you either love it or you hate it. I personally love it. This is not "same shit, different year", as it sounds absolutely nothing like any of Machine Head's other releases.

Nearly everyone knows how after Burn My Eyes Machine Head went in a mallcore direction, but hell, they've made up for it here. Sure, it's not Thrash, but does that make it bad? Hell no.

This is just damn groovy as hell and even if I tried to hate it I couldn't. Sure, there are bands that do Groove badly, like Pantera for example, but that doesn't make every other Groove band bad. This is Groove, not mallcore and I'd laugh as hard at anyone who said that as I would to the people who tell me Reign In Blood is the best Slayer album.

This isn't another Burn My Eyes. It's closer to it than their other releases, but if you put any Through The Ashes Of Empire track on Burn My Eyes it would stick out like a sore thumb. Rob Flynn's vocals are the same as on their past three albums and the production has a very modern sound, yet it has the Groove of Burn My Eyes.

Machine Head have finally gone back to making the music how they want to, not how Roadrunner Records feel they should to sell records in the masses.

Simply put, if you liked Burn My Eyes, then you should like this. If you can't stand Groove, then don't bother.